COVID-19 pop up testing clinic with local primary care for schools

We provide everything you need. Licensed health care professional to administer the test, test kits and materials, training and skilled staff to answer any questions.

  • On or off site testing programs
  • Highly accurate, low cost self-pay tests
  • Testing Protocols for your staff and/or students
People want to know if they have Covid – how do you help?

Screening tests: Antibody tests show if a person has been infected. Antibodies typically occur within days after an infection and peer reviewed medical journals publish studies on the length of time these antibodies stay in our body. It relates to the severity of the inflammatory response. A simple finger prick test shows antibody presence within 15 minutes. Highly accurate and very inexpensive. Check out this How to Video

Diagnostic tests: Can be done by a trained health care professional. Your options include the new rapid antigen saliva test and the gold standard RT-PCR test. Our mail-in RT-PCR tests uses a simple nasal swab, drop off the sample in the pre-paid envelope, and your physician returns the results in as little as 36 hours.


As our faculty, staff, and student cautiously return, you are faced with a major concern: how do you take proactive steps for the safety of your school?  Testing can provide data on your school population in order to strategically open face-to-face learning, sports, host events. Testing data helps you understand rates of infection and past infection for your school.

Educational Materials for Community and Staff  on COVID Testing

With our COVID-19 Testing Solutions, get all the tools you need to offer COVID testing to staff or students. We have one of the most comprehensive lines of testing available at the best possible pricing. Highly accurate tests, which are done easily with fast results. You can count on us for Product Fact Sheets, FAQ’s, presentations, and educational materials on the testing tools.