Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is RT-PCR?

RT-PCR stands for real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, it is the gold standard diagnostic test for COVID-19. It determines if a patient is actively infected for SARS-CoV-2 also known as COVID-19.nic.

Where is an RT-PCR test performed?

These are the nasal swab tests performed at drive-thru medical clinics and at doctors’ offices.  A healthcare or laboratory professional collects a nasal swab sample from the patient, stores in a sterile container and seals for transport to a laboratory for processing.ine coverage and pricing.

What lab is our program using?

We are using: Pure Diagnostics in Atlanta, GA. They are a CLIA certified lab running an EUA Authorized CDC protocol for processing RT-PCR COVID-19 tests. As we develop our service, we may add additional partner laboratories..

Do these tests need to be shipped a certain way?

FedEx prepaid shipping label is provided for every 5 tests. They must be shipped using ice packs to keep the sample integrity. The package must be delivered to FedEx by 4:00 PM for overnight service. DO NOT SHIP ON FRIDAY. Any test conducted on Friday should be refrigerated and FedExed on Monday.ou promptly.

How does the clinician get the results?

The laboratory will issue credentials for its secure platform for results to be posted.