Alfa Antigen Test Kit

Alfa Instant-view® PLUS COVID-19 Antigen Test


Sensitivity (PPA)


Specificity (NPA)

3 - 7

Results in Minutes

This test has not been reviewed by the FDA
CE Certified, available for sale in European Union
Made in the USA
Not available in the USA
FDA/EUA Authorization Pending
20 Complete Tests per Kit

The Alfa Antigen Test is a Six step process. It is easy to use with less potential for procedural errors.

The Alfa Antigen Test saves time and cost by giving results in 3-7 minutes.

The Alfa Antigen Test can be stored at room temperature so there are no wait times for reagents to warm up.  The Alfa Antigen Test can run immediately as needed.

The Alfa Antigen Test does not require purchasing a specialized reader device to produce results.

The Alfa Antigen Test is intended for use by trained healthcare and/or laboratory personnel in Point of Care (POC) settings.

WellTree is proud to offer this antigen test option as a sub-distributor.

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Product Name: Alfa Scientific Instant-view PLUS COVID-19 Antigen Test

SKU:  SV30

Country of Manufacture: USA

Sample Type: Nasopharyngeal

Sensitivity: 92%

Specificity: 100%

Test Procedure: 6 steps

Test Run Time (minutes): 3 -7 minutes

Mobile App: No

Swab Included: Yes (Nasopharyngeal)
Storage Temp (In Celsius): 2C-30C
Shelf Life: 18 months from date of manufacturer
Internal Control Included: No
EUA Status: Submitted for authorization **Not Available for sale in the U.S.
CE Status: Certified
Availability: Contact us for availability. RUO.



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