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WellTree Molecular Group assists in the direct sales, distribution, and international business development for revolutionary invitro diagnostics testing solutions.

Our Story

WellTree Molecular Group is founded by health care operation professionals. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is the guiding philosophy of the team. Our operational expertise has served small and large hospital groups, retail pharmacy, and point-of-care businesses across all patient populations and throughout the U.S.

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world into turmoil, the WellTree team adopted the challenge to address the bottleneck of tools and education needed in the war chest to fight against infectious disease. WellTree continually evaluates solutions and products needed to actively fight the pandemic and reopen the country.

Incorporated - 2019

Sales Team - 50

Corporate Team - 8

Renée Marchand

Renée Marchand

CEO & Doctor of Pharmacy
Chief Executive Officer Renee works closely with emerging medical device innovators and manufacturers to find a space in the marketplace for the value they bring to doctors, patients, and communities. Renee has 10 plus years of experience in the field both as a pharmacist and business manager.
Andre Claassen

Andre Claassen

Emerging Markets Business Development Director
Andre Claassen obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Stellenbosh. He was active in the student councils and Primaruis (Manager) of one of the university residences. Following his studies and along with other partners, Andre acquired a hospitality lodge in South Africa and developed adventure travel in that area. With this business and marketing experience and many years of international travel, Andre then switched focus to currency trading and the business of foreign exchange. In addition to being the representative agent for WellTree’s affairs in Sub-Saharan Africa, he now owns and runs Offshore FX, a 2012 company, that specializes in financial arrangements for importers, exporters and other international money transfers.
Ann Flamm

Ann Flamm

Chief Operating Officer - B.A., CPhT 
Chief Operating Officer - B.A., CPhT  Ann’s years of experience in Pharmacy has established her with knowledge on Federal and State compliance requirements for Healthcare and has maintained great relationships with regulatory representatives. Ann is charged with maintaining complete and accurate tracking records for all medical device sales.
Szilard Voros

Szilard Voros

External Scientific Advisor
External Scientific Advisor Dr. Voros is the Founder and CEO of Global Genomics Group (“G3”), a precision-medicine-based biotechnology company, developing and commercializing diagnostic biomarkers and novel drug targets for common diseases. G3’s platform is based on the largest-ever program using DNA and RNA sequencing, proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomic and other platforms. He has published extensively in Nature Reviews, New England Journal of Medicine and Annals of Internal Medicine.

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